2 Interesting ways COVID19 has impacted what you eat

2 Interesting ways COVID19 has impacted what you eat

Has COVID19 impacted what you eat? Think about it.l Are you eating the same thing you were this time last year? 

If so, you are not alone.  COVID-19 is changing what many of you eat.  The Food Industry is seeing big changes.  Two important things that have changes are snacking and cooking at home.


Since the start of the pandemic, the way we eat has changed. 

Restaurants closed for weeks (and months depending on the state).  Now many restaurants have changed the way you eat there.

On top of that, going to the grocery store became anxiety ridden. 

It is no wonder that the Food Industry is seeing big shifts as well. 

Restaurants closed for weeks (and months depending on the state).  Now many restaurants have changed the way you eat there.
Restaurants closed for weeks (and months depending on the state). Now many restaurants have changed the way you eat there.

Where you eat, when you eat and what you are eating is changing.  The majority of you are all spending more time at home. 

A study conducted by Influence Central indicates more than half of our eating habits have changed since staying at home.


The first thing that is changing is snacking.  One thing that has changed is the way we are snacking.  This study showed that 70% of participants snack more frequently. The food industry is seeing as much as 20 – 25% growth for many snack foods.  Many snack companies are having record years. 

Snacking can be a good break in the day.  However, if you are gaining the “COVID 19”, look at your snacking habits. 

When you are stressed or bored you have a tendency to eat more.  We all do. Make sure you are making healthy choices, especially between meals when snacking.

Eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. You can pair these with with a healthy protein.  For example, eat apples and peanut butter.  Alternatively, eat carrots and hummus. 

Apples are an excellent healthy snack
Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, such as the apples pictured, for healthier snacking.

Try to avoid highly processed foods if you snack.  In general, they are high in calories with little nutrition, so you are likely to eat more. 

Make healthy snacking easy, keep fresh fruits and vegetables on hand.  Pre-cut them so you have something quick that you can grab.

Home Cooking

The pandemic has also impacted what you eat and other eating habits. 

The majority of you have adjusted to eating most of our food at home.  The same study (Influence Central) found that 88% of people have been cooking more meals at home.  88% is a huge change.     

More Home Cooking & Recipe Creation

Cooking at home has risen for a variety of reasons.  One reason is that you have more time since due to your now very short commute. 

On the other hand, some of you are no longer comfortable eating at a restaurant or getting delivery.  Even if you are comfortable eating out, it just is not as easy as it was before.

COVID19 has impacted what you eat because home-cooked meals are on the rise. That means you are eating out less.

Results from the previously mentioned study show

  • 49% of you are now cooking meals from scratch. 
  • 46% of you add into the mix pre-cooked and packaged foods. 
  • 67% of you have gotten creative with what is in your freezer and pantry.

When you eat out, you may not know what you are eating.  Cooking is a great way to learn more about the foods you love.  Recipe experimentation may lead you to love new foods.

covid19 is changing how you eat. home cooking is increasing since you are spending more time at home.
Home-cooked meals are on the rise.

Cooking Time

Just because you have more time to cook, does not mean you want to spend all day slaving over the stove. 

Influence Central found that around half of you cook for 15 to 30 minutes, while the other half cooks for 30 to 60 minutes.  Very few (if any) of you cook for longer than an hour.

How does this compare versus pre-pandemic?

  • 23% of you are willing to devote more time to dinner preparation and cooking than before
  • 73% of you spend the same amount of time cooking

Speed is still king when it comes to how long you are willing to spend preparing dinner!  Many food products and food innovations over the last 50 years have been to reduce the amount of time you spend cooking.

What’s on the menu?

Another fun way the pandemic has impacted what you eat is what you are cooking.  Over half of you are trying new recipes.  In addition, recipe experimentation is increasing. 

Covid19 has impacted how you eat. 
 One way is by increased recipe experimentation for home cooking
Over half of you are trying new recipes.  You are also experimenting in the kitchen.

The rise of recipe experimentation is in part due to shortages in food ingredients.  When the pandemic first hit, baking ingredients sold out.  Many of you had to get creative in the kitchen.

The Influence Central study shows

  • 54% of you are trying new recipes
  • 58% look for inspiration online for new recipes. 

When looking online, food and lifestyle influencers, social media, cooking websites and cooking apps are all used.

With most days now feeling like Groundhog Day, it is no wonder as to why you are craving new foods. 

Final Thoughts on how COVID19 has impacted what you eat

COVID has impacted the way you eat. The way many of you eat has changed since before the pandemic. 

Smiling Flask with Orange Liquid

Trends in the food industry indicate many of you are snacking more and cooking at home

Trends in the food industry show us that many of you are snacking more and cooking at home.  Make sure to eat healthy snacks and get creative in the kitchen.

Are you cooking more?  What’s the best thing you have cooked during the pandemic?


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